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wet rot

Dry rot, otherwise known Serpula Lacrymans, is a species of fungi that can seriously affect your timber and structural integrity. Dry rot needs to be carefully diagnosed because treatment must include sterilisation of infested masonry and complete eradication.


The fungus can spread over several feet, and cause considerable damage. With Graham Warner Ltd, you can get wet and dry rot treatment you can rely on.

Wet & Dry Rot specialists in Bucks & Herts

Those inexperienced with dry rot and wood preservation can easily confuse wet and dry rot. With our 35 years of experience, we can provide reliable  timber treatment with long term guarantees.

The differences between wet and dry rot

It's important to create a course of attack that's designed to change the perfect conditions for the rot. At Graham Warner Ltd, we have the experience required to create effective wood treatment. For a free consultation, or information about our dry rot removal, call us today on 01296 733 923 .

Creating an effective course of action

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Dry rot treatment is carried out by removing the plaster back to bare brickwork and 1 metre beyond any visible signs of infection. All built in and decayed timber should be removed wherever possible.

Dry rot treatment

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